Saturday, 24 March 2012

Caricature Cupcake Cane

I made a new cupcake cane last week. I have plenty of Kato clay, which I like to use for my canes, but I have a mixture of formulations - my colours are an older Kato formula and the white and translucent (which I use more of) are the latest formulation. 

The newest formulation of Kato is a fair bit softer than the older version so when I make a cane, the softer white and translucent will shift (reduce) at a different rate. This means there will be some distortion in the reduced cane.

So to accommodate this, I mixed Premo (a much softer clay) and Kato clay together, to get an even consistency for all colours. I used equal amounts of Kato and Premo. I waited a couple of days (always something I find incredibly difficult because I want to see what I made RIGHT NOW!) and then reduced the cane. It was perhaps a little softer than I had hoped so next time I will use more Kato than Premo to firm the clay up. 

When I was making my cane I could see it was becoming more cartoony than I had initially hoped, so I call it my "caricature cupcake cane".


I am sure I will find plenty of use for it. 


  1. The new white Kato is all very soft - I keep thinking I should leach it but then am also too impatient. I ought to just leach it all so it is ready for use. It's a cute cane!

    1. Thanks. Yes, I use so much white and translucent. Actually I need to order more and my coloured blocks of the old stuff just keep getting older and firmer!


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